***This giveaway had ended***

Hello- and welcome to Shoot Fly Shoot!

We’re kicking things off with a 50mm camera lens giveaway today:

This lens is great for portrait and product photography. Here are some shots we snapped using this type of lens:

It’s an awesome focal length to shoot with, and the winner can choose whether they’d like it to be compatible with a Nikon or Canon camera.

To enter the giveaway, leave us one comment on this blog post, and tell us what your favorite thing to shoot is. (interiors, portraits, products, food, etc.)

The giveaway will be open between now, and Thursday (March 8th) at 9am (CST). We’ll randomly select a winner after that, and announce their name here on our blog!

Thanks so much for visiting us today. We look forward to sharing lots more photography and Photoshop-related posts with you!

  • Mandi

    I love taking pictures of anything I find during a road trip.  Awesome landcapes, cool buildings, fun people…. you never know what you will find!

  • Danielle

    I love taking pictures of my 2 boys and the recipes that I try.  What a great way to kick off your new site!

  • becky

    Right now my favorite thing to shoot is my twins girls!

  • MelissaMacGregor

    I love taking pictures of my kids playing outside!  Can’t wait to learn more about what you guys have to offer!!

  • Clutter73

    Barns amaze me.

  • ToDoList Mom

    I’m stoked to sign up for your photog 101 course to learn how to take better pics of my 2yr old and his buddies doing whatever makes them happy and catching them in action!

  • Jen

    Hi there! I love taking pictures of my family but I have a feeling after taking your classes there won’t be anything I won’t love shooting!

  • Greg Flick

    I never get sick of shooting pictures of my wife and baby girl.

    Happy birthday, shootflyshoot, and I look forward to watching this site grow.

  • Martha K.

    I am so excited that you guys have started this!!!!  I can’t wait to take a Photography 101!!!

    • Martha K.

      I forgot to mention what I like to take photos of – lanscapes and my kids.  : )

  • Cindy

    I love taking pictures of my grandbabies!

  • Mary Richmond

    I enjoy taking landsscape pictures of mountains, oceans and boats.  Only because I seem to have the best luck with these types of pictures.  I’m looking forward to your classes.  I know they will be AWESOME!

  • Mark

    Favorite things to shoot? Sunsets… But what do I shoot the most? Mostly indoor, people shots.

  • Monique

    I love taking pics of my family and friends.

  • Becky k

    I love shooting portraits with a 50mm!

  • Brenda Scott

    I am a new photographer, so not sure I really have a favorite subject yet…but Im looking forward to honing my skills before my first grandbaby is here in August!!  I would LOVE to win this lens as with the kit lens Im limited in my apature settings, so cannot get some of the photo ‘flair’ I want!

  • Kimbaru

    Interiors and nature!

  • SueK

    Although I’ll always love taking pictures of my twins (now 11), they’re a little less enthusiastic these days…my new obsession is my puppy! And all dogs for that matter.

    Really glad I found this at the beginning! Congrats and good luck.

  • Sarah

    Landscapes are definitely my favourite thing, especially after travelling to Australia! Everything was so beautiful! 

  • http://profiles.google.com/summerstead Heather N

    Awesome way to launch your site!  I love taking pictures of everything.  Family, friends, buildings, flowers, landscapes, strangers.  Life.  I have found that even the most random things can trigger some of the best memories.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003591226797 Ally Thomassian

    I love taking pictures of everywhere I go and all the things I do with my friends :) 

  • Amy Nevins

    My favorite thing to photograph is my little boy.

  • Tracy

    Definitely my kids’ sporting events, my family, and my community. Super exited about learning more. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jayme C

    Weddings!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  • JessicaD

    My kids and my jewelry line for etsy.

  • JanelB

    I love taking pics of my boys but they never sit still!  

  • Gina

    Little kids just being themselves. It’s wonderful to capture the moments of them just being true to who they are.

  • Fourpawfamily

    I love working with animals! Their expressions are always the most genuine…priceless!

  • Whitney

    Excited about your new site! My favorite thing to shoot is my 2 year old daughter!

  • http://amadaras.info/ Allison

    I’m a commercial photographer, but my secret love is fine art photography.

  • Amy A.

    My favorite is portraits! Excited about your new venture!

  • Wendyba

    I Love a little of everything but my favorite is Glamour/Boudoir I Love to make a woman feel that she is the most Beautiful Woman in the world..

  • Chelley Black

    I’m constantly shooting pics of my kids!

  • Kim in RI

    So psyched for your site and I will definitely be signing up for your classes!  I am an amateur but my favorite subjects are my kids and nature!

  • Jennifer

    I like to take closeups and portraits of things around my home.   I am especially motivated when the sun streams in the windows.  Congrats on this venture!

  • Jwardbruce

    Congrats on the launch!  Looking forward to visiting regularly :)

  • Lindsay@ A Design Story

    I love to shoot interiors and photos of landscapes and my family.. especially the little one’s! Love the new site… so exciting, Congrats!

  • Helen McNenly

    Love to shoot everyday objects as well as nature shots.  Looking forward to reading updates on the blog and site!

  • Ashley Smith

    I have just started getting more into photography. It is addictive, though! I have started to become a bit obsessed with taking pictures of trees and plants. I love it! 

  • Gloria Fox

    Oh my!  What a great giveaway!  I love shooting my projects and flowers.  Can’t wait to start taking pics of my soon to be first grandbaby! 

  • http://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/ Jessica Bruno

    This is a smokin hot giveway! I like to shoot interior stuff and pics of my son :)

  • Joy

    Love to shoot kids, kids, kids…my kids to be exact, and I have pleanty of subjects ;-)

  • Rcschriener

     I am still learning but I like to shoot nature and of course,  my family!

  • Lindsey Kay

    I like to shoot animals (mostly horses and cows!) and my nephew and niece. Congrats on the launch!

  • LadyDi61

    This has been my new hobby.  I like to shoot products, the kids and the pets.  But I have a  black dog which I really need help with!!

  • Piperandjudesmom

    My children :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachaeljv Rachael Van Sickle

    I love shooting my bouncing baby boy! however, few pictures can capture his amazingness. maybe this lens would help! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681183525 Brooke Nicole

    My favorite are my children , I love to catch those moments when they are not looking 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667677993 Tammie Alho

    Internal strategic sensors say I shouldn’t, but you know I had to: shared this with all my Facebook friends/fans ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=667677993 Tammie Alho

    Oh….and portraits are among my favourite =)

  • Jesus Tirso

    Love to shoot people…

  • Jeannine DiGioia

    I love shooting my pug dog Lily!

  • Lisa Simmons

    Nature is my favorite.  I love to photograph the mountains and the beaches on the East Coast.  You have  a great site and I will definitely share with my friends that are working hard to get into the photo business.  

  • Ericlbarker

    Loving portraits on my Nikon F100!

  • http://twitter.com/BalancedChrista Christa Eimers, RD

    Food (it doesn’t move), but I’m going to take your classes now so I can do a better job documenting our new baby later!

  • Kelly

    I love to take portraits….up close and personal, especially!

  • Nikki Ruth

    My favorite are my kid. I love capturing candid photos of him.

  • Trent

    my favorite thing to shoot:  PEOPLE….mostly during happy times of their lives ;)

  • stephanie

    my camera is fairly new, so I’m having fun capturing everything around me including interiors and my people that live in them. And chickens… they’re always fun

  • Auburn Margeson

    Nature! There’s SO much beauty out there :)

  • Stephanie Simmons

    I love shooting natural portraits, including portraits of my animals!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danielhaskins Daniel Haskins

    My favorite thing to shoot is people. Either sports, or portraits, or just documentary style!

  • Casey Thornton

    What an awesome giveaway! I love taking pictures of just about everything, but especially my puppy and various artsy crafty things I create.

  • Ken Bruggeman

    Entered! Portrait photography primarily, but open to anything!

  • Nikki

    Can I tell you how excited I’ve been looking forward to this website?!?  Y’all rock!
    I’ve been wanting a 50mm lens for-EVAH.  I mainly like to shoot food (it doesn’t fidget or talk back).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502765297 Kate Bentley

    My favorite thing to shoot is definitely portraits!


  • Amy Pollock

    I love shooting food for my blog but am trying to take more photos of PEOPLE! :) I love your site already and look forward to your photography 101 class!

  • JillP

    I love nature photography! I usually prefer close ups over landscapes.

  • Melissa

    I love to shoot portrait photography…mainly of my two sweet daughters!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=74600566 Alyssa Dahl

    My goal with photography is to photograph clients and hope my clients use the images as art for their home. As I truly see photography as a gift, I want to capture personalities in portraits, small details of weddings and the joy of families.

  • Erin Brook

    Great contest!
    Photograph everything & anything…it’s fun to be random :-)

  • Becky

    Hey Guys, I recently bought my Rebel and LOVE it. Now its time to take it off the “GREEN”! I have been practicing with my granddaughter. I’m very interested in taking your class. I do have a couple of questions. Will you also be teaching how to shoot in the other modes like AV,TP,P along with M in this class? Is the class video only or will the class be interactive? Thanks can’t wait to hear back so I can register for it. I almost forgot I would love to win the lens :) Becky

  • Jean A

    Love to take candid shots of people in general.  Can’t wait for your new site to start lessons!

  • Carrie

    Been looking forward to your website!  I love to shoot portrait and nature but not sure I’m very good at it!  What a great giveaway!!

  • Vanessa

    I really enjoy shooting nature, but I really want to get better at taking pictures of my three kids.

  • Roosterthedog

    My favorite subject is my dog!

  • Sheryll

    I love shooting my granddaughter, all the dogs that come and go in my life, nature, just about anything in my way.  I have a new camera and I have no idea how to use it.  Looking forward to learning from you.  Congratulations on your new venture!

  • Staci Stoller

     I’m excited to see your blog starting and ready to learn how to improve my photography. I LOVE photography and capturing the special moments of life. Portraits are my favorite thing to shoot. I hope you choose me to win the 50mm:) I would love to have a prime lens.

  • Kristen

    Love to shoot pictures of kiddos of course ;)

  • Dunnsgirl7

    Can’t wait to see what you guys have up your sleeves! My favorite thing to shoot are my kids! And I was just talking about the 50mm yesterday!

  • Tim

    I love shooting portraits and abstracts/fine art.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1050992078 Marissa Yi

    As a musician and music lover, my fav thing to shoot is bands! Rock on, guys!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=619297190 Kristi Benson Schmidt

    Portraits.  I love relaxing people so they feel comfortable in front of the camera… people who say they hate to be in photos are the best ones… when I see them tear up I know I’ve done a good job! ;)

  • Austin B.

    I am really excited for your new website! I love to shoot portraits and landscapes. Unfortunately both of these types of shooting require completely different types of lenses. And that’s why this lens would really help me out! Can’t wait to follow your page.

  • Sarah Ragan

    I love to shoot people. That came out wrong…

  • Ashley Bowers

    Hey guys! I am super excited about the launch of this site and the classes you are offering! My husband has been teaching me about shooting in manual mode and I am slowly getting there! I am a full time nanny and love having photo shoots with the baby. I currently use a Canon Rebel but we are hoping to save up for the Mark III, which I think comes out at the end of the month. Woo Hoo! Anyway, thanks again and I am looking forward to signing up!

  • Hillaryisamazing

    I love shooting anything really!  Portraits, bands, weddings, kids, products!  It’s all part of my passion!

  • Jennifer Grey

    I couldn’t log on to your site fast enough today! I’m so excited to learn more about photography, photoshop, lenses, camera jargon…thank you for offering your Photography 101 class. I’ve put the whole day aside for just this, and I simply cannot wait to get started.

    Thank you J & K!


  • Cchampagne86

    This is such a clever idea!  I like to take pictures of faces!

  • Arlene Marks

    Definitely pets! Dogs and cats, but other than getting down low to their level, I’d love some tips! Especially motion shot that aren’t blurry! Great site. Can’t wait to download the tutorials!

  • Lauren H

    So glad this site is up! I love shooting portaits so this lens would be perfect!

  • http://playingaround101.wordpress.com/ Joanna

    I like shooting mostly portraits and this lens is perfect for them.

  • Niki S

    Excited about this new site!  My favorite thing to shoot would definitely be my children, but I am hoping this site can help me improve my interiors photography.  Best of luck to you guys!

  • Kat Morris

    Love this idea! Very excited to learn some tips on taking better pictures. I’m just a beginner and have lots to learn. I especially enjoy taking pictures of my kids and interiors. Thanks for the chance to participate!

  • Kristen MIller

    I love to shoot my sweet baby girl!  She’s growing up so fast (16 months old) and I take a photo of her every week to chart her growth :)

  • Wendy

    I love the lens and my favorite thing to take photos of is PEOPLE. Any kind, any place, any how.  But the 50mm is my fav.

  • Chris Whatley

    Excited to see the site is now live as I’ve been waiting patiently! I’m definitely enjoying learning to shoot our 2.5 week old newborn boy H and am looking forward to learning more from you guys. The 18-55mm kit lens doesn’t quite produce the bokeh needed so the 50mm would be perfect. Best of luck with the new site.

  • Pam

     I mostly take action pictures of my kids.  Would love to do more portraits but they barely stand still!  

  • Asheley Dozier

    So excited that the site is finally live! I love taking pictures of my family, especially my sweet 10 month old baby girl.

  • Adrion Reed

    Just the kind of site I was wishing for! I especially enjoy shooting nature’s beauty. From flowers, to trees, to streams, to little critters, to sunsets and clouds, I love it all.

  • Kim

    I mostly shoot my kids in action.

  • Fairfield House

    Kevin and Josh –

    Congrats and much success on your newest endeavor! My favorite things to shoot are the things that touch my heart and stir my soul … could bloom bursting, wide eyed wonder of a child, a smile on a dog… the unexpected and the extraordinary of living everyday.


  • Diane@InMyOwnStyle

     Hi Kevin and Josh –

     Congratulations!!!!  on the launch of your site. I am so excited for you.  I just signed up for the Photo 101 course and can’t wait to start. 

    I love to take photos of interiors and projects I make and blog about. 

  • http://www.mrssouthernbride.com/ Mrssouthernbride

    Loving the launch of the web site!

    My favorite thing to shoot with my camera is my husband. :)

  • beth

    portraits are my favorite

  • Kristen

    I love to shoot my kids…that sounds bad, doesn’t it :)  I I would love to be able to take great pictures of my kids.  I am so excited to learn more!

  • Jennifer

    I love taking photos of my children…memories that will last forever!

  • Jessaca

    I love shooting my family. I’m drawn to photography that isn’t stage. Just capturing people as they are. 

  • Kristin

    Congrats on the new site!!

    I love shooting anything, but in particular I love shooting interiors and projects.

  • Claudia

    Kevin and Josh,

    This course is awesome! It’s just what my 64-year-old brain needs to learn and retain the information. I’ve already watched the first two videos and I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to share your knowledge and experience at an affordable price.

    My favorite thing to shoot is my grandchildren followed by shots of nature in my garden and indoor shots of craft projects.

    I am so excited with the prospect of possibly winning this lens!!!!

    Bless you!

  • Nikkibyob91

    Love to shoot the things of everyday life, a little bit of everything.

  • becky

    you guys are awesome!! I love shooting births :)

  • Beth

    Awesome site guys!!! I love taking kids portraits, especially since I have 2…lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=613265665 Sarah Schmidt Farmer Svoboda

    My favorite thing to shoot is portraits but I like to shoot a little bit of everything!

  • Stephanie

    I love doing candid portraits of kids!

  • Stephanddave

    So excited for your launch! Just purchased my first class!
    Can’t wait to start learning!

  • Debbiealbrough

    So excited for your site to be up and running… Can’t wait to start taking the level 2 class.

  • Debra Donmoyer

    I like to shot anything! Guess I don’t really have a favorite.

  • LBReid

    I love shooting everything and this giveaway is GREAT!!  Thanks!  I’m excited to finally be able to read your blog!

  • Lisa Size

    I love shooting anything my girls are involved in, dancing, sports, just sitting still and beach shots.

  • Sarahklepzig

    Just purchased your photo 101 class. I’m afraid of the “M” so can’t wait to learn more about it. I like to take pictures of everything…like to capture our life in pictures. 

  • Meredith

    Awesome site, guys! Currently I’ve been taking way too many photos of our four-legged kids! 

  • Refreshrestyle

    I love shooting my grandsons! and food!

  • Maggie

    This is exciting and I know I can use all the help I can get! I actually love all types of photography, just need to learn the “how to”. My favorite would be photos of family and especially grandchildren … and our “drama queen” dog . I think food shots are very interesting and knowing how to stage this would be awesome. Most of my photos through life thus far have been “gotchas” and everyone involved are still enjoying them, all in fun. Would love to win the lens and must say that is a very generous gift. I!m ready to roll….

  • Jaron Nix


  • Harriet Mcdonald

    I’m excited about your new site and can’t wait for the class to begin. I’ve always been a point & shoot photographer but have a new camera that is more than I bargained for. I’m desperate for clarification on the mysteries it holds. I love taking photos of many things…landscapes, portraits, animals, flowers…you name it. I just need the basics so I can move past the frustration of trying to interpret the many facets of my new cameral.  HELP!!

  • Will Mitchell

    My favorite 

  • TexMom


  • Gretchen

    I love to photograph children — specifically my 12 month old son.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rox4AU Roxanne Hendon-Ponds

    I love portrait the most I think :) I have taught myself to not be afraid of the M and embraced it ;) I love the new site and would LOVE to have the lens!! Eager to know about the intermediate class!!

  • Will Mitchell

    My favorite thing to take photos of his my son.  He’s almost two now and ALL over the place.  I appreciate what you guys are doing.  Thanks for your hours of hard work!

  • Cheapergles

    My little snuggle puppy.  Best of luck to you guys.  The 101 class may be the perfect father’s day gift for my husband. 

  • Margie

    Love your website and look forward to seeing more in the future. My favorite thing to shoot is a candid. Maybe someone at a festival, a parade, two old ladies talking and waiting for a bus, or an egret and a turtle. Nature happens!

  • Leslee Marshall

    I take a lot of portrait pictures but would really like to do it better.  Would love this lens – I have been looking at this lens for over a year now and trying to fit it into my budget…

  • Arisgran

    My favorite thing to shoot is grand kids followed by nature! Sure could use the lens for my new Canon : )

  • Kk01387

    Great site! Just bought and reviewed some of the videos.  Great style, easy to understand, top notch!  Thanks for putting these videos together.

  • Jen~ OnionGroveMercantile

    I was SO excited to see your site open!!  Can’t wait to take Photog 101!!  My favorite thing to shoot is my kids!  I also shoot lots of product photos for Onion Grove Mercantile.

  • Kk01387

    oops-forgot to mention that I like to shoot people just being themselves and nature.

  • Farmgirl225

    Excited about your website!  Been a reader of TLC for a few months now and i have been looking forward to your new website.  Best of Luck!!!

  • Penny

    Oh!  Pick me!  What an awesome giveaway….Thanks for the chance…

  • Jennifer

    So excited you started this website!  My favorite thing to shoot:  Architectural elements…probably because they don’t move and I can keep shooting until I get it right ;)….but I would really like to learn how to “capture the moment”…excitement of the perfect gift,  dad’s realization that his girls grown up, a child’s laughter, etc.  

  • Campbellsquad

    Your site is awesome!  Most of my pictures are of my family, but I do enjoy taking photos of nature as well

  • Deb

    Just found your site!!  Yah me!  I love shooting my children (with my camera)!! 

  • Lana

    I just got a Nikon and so far my favorite images to shoot are nature shots.  Cool site!  :)

  • http://www.ALittleJunkinmyTrunk.blogspot.com/ DeeAnna

    OOOhhh I love this lens.  I dropped (and broke) mine.  :(   I love to take interiors, food, and clothing photos!

  • Ruby L

    Love the site! I love to shoot anything and everything.

  • TheCatchersMom


  • KatHawk7

    Site looks awesome! Just purchased your 101 class and so excited to learn about the dreaded “M”! Photos of people are my favorite and we are expecting our first baby in a month so I am sure she will be the subject of lots of upcoming photos in our house! 

  • jenny

    my daughter is my absolute favorite thing to shoot!!

  • becky

    love to shoot my children and flowers in my garden.  

  • Angieanderso

    Hey boys – 
    My favourite thing to shoot is my two little kidlets !
    Really nice site :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/smith99093 Deb Smith

    Just found this site via Twitter…so glad I did!  Love to take pictures of my creations for my blog and all my animals…3 dogs, 1 rabbit and a bearded dragon. Would love to be the winner of the 50mm…..!!!

  • Signmakergirl

    Ohhh fun! I’d love this lens to add to my arsenal! I hope a canadian can win too. :)

    Shooting interiors seems to be my thing.


  • Jaime

    Josh and Kevin- Love your enthusiastic and fun attitude! I’m definitely going to sign up for your classes. I so badly want to learn how to use my camera! I want to get that profession look and actually be able to hang my pictures up with pride! I know you guys can show me how!

    Thanks and love your idea of doing this!

  • Maggs

    Favorite thing to shoot is kids (with a camera, of course!).

  • Sara

    So excited that you are about to launch.  You are an answer to my photography needs.  I can’t wait to get started on your courses.  Although I live in Colorado and have tons of opportunities to shoot beautiful landscapes, I find my memory cards filled with portraits of my kiddo instead! :)  Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Rizza Phillips

    I’ve been so excited and looking forward to your team opening up an online training class for people who wants to get better in their given talents.  As for me, I really enjoy taking pictures of architectural styles, building, and travel.   I really do want to get better in taking pictures of interiors and products as I’ll be doing this for my job.  Just need help and mentoring! 

  • Kelly

    I love taking pictures of babies.  Love you site.  I hope you pick me!  ;)  Blessings!

  • http://www.boston2berkeley.com/ Beth

    Food is definitely my favorite thing to shoot!  I find I have the best luck with non-moving targets :)

  • Sonya Aguero

    my 8 month old! :-) i fear the M and hope to sign up for your 101 class soon! i got my first DSLR for xmas.

  • http://www.craftcrazymom.com/ Maria Ibbitson

    So glad your site is up! Do I have to pick just one favorite?!  Just.Can’t.Do.It!  It’s a toss up between portraits, flowers, and food.

  • Brianna Bignell

    What an awesome site! I just purchased a new Nikon D90 and I fear the “M”, big time! I thoroughly enjoy taking pictures of nature and of my puppy. I’m hoping to learn a lot more through your Photography 101.

  • Roxanne

    I enjoy learning about photography and hope to take your class soon! I shoot nature and, of course, my family. This is an awesome idea and I hope your new site soars!

  • mmc1972

    Can’t wait to get into this site and take some video classes!  My favorite things to shoot are memories!  (usually of the family kind)

  • michelle

    My favorite thing to shoot is my kids – wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

  • Denae Dahlen

    My favorite things to shoot are my son and dog. And neither is willing to sit still for too long!

  • Connie

    Although my kids are getting older (10 & 13) they’re still my #1 choice! Just wish I knew my camera better and could get the best shots possible.

  • 4arrowsfarm

    Great site!! I love to photograph horses!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/sfdomina Sarah Domina

    So excited to see your site coming together! I can’t wait to participate in your Photography 101 class! I enjoy taking landscape pictures, but recently that’s been outranked by portraits because I’ve been playing more with aperture. Looking forward to learning more about all things photography with your site! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  • boxerpupmom1127

    My favorite thing to shoot are my kiddos…but the product shots I do for a local boutique are easier…they stay still, ha!  Love the site…just purchased the 101 class!

  • Yaya

    Favorite thing to shot is mi kids playing outdoors.

    Congrats in your new adventure guys :)

  • Campodom

    I absolutely love every shot you take!
    I enjoy shooting people and catching spontaneous moments.

  • Jdsergent05

    Love the site! It is exactly what I have been looking for! My favorite thing to take a picture of is my little boy. :)

  • 2bsweetpea

    My fav is my furry fellow friends. Yorkies Rule!!

  • Meredith Rooney

    Thanks so much for putting together such a user-friendly site! My husband and I are stationed in beautiful Hawaii with the Army, so I am never at a loss for something to photograph. [Sadly] We are only here for a few more months but our memories of this incredible place with be with us wherever we go… because of the photos I’ve taken!

  • Allison

    My favorite thing to shoot is our dog and our niece and nephew!

  • http://twitter.com/CrlyWillowVicki Vicki Shead

    Yay! You’re up and running! So excited to LEARN LEARN LEARN! But, I just have a kit lens for my Nikon, so I really really really need you to pick me! Oh, and I’ll shoot anything PRETTY!

  • Kathleen @ miss Hannah b.

    So excited about your new website and the classes you are offering. I need help learning how photograph pretty much everything but I really enjoy shooting food, probably because I love eating food. Hanaha! Anyway, I hope I win this new lense so I can learn from you guys how to use it. Thanks so much!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=809805466 Ingrid Aries

    Very cool new site! I’m excited to learn more about how to take better pictures of my new baby girl :)

  • Suzanne

    I mostly photograph product – I have a fabric store. I plan to sign up for your photography class to better my lacking skills. I figure a good lens for my Nikon will help. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jen

    Really excited about your new site! My favorite thing to photograph is my lab puppy, Maggie.

  • Chrissy

    Yay!  I’m always looking for more photography help!  I love to photography my children and have started photographing my friends’ families and kids.  Good luck with the new site!  Looks awesome!

  • Lovinglife888

    Love your website!!  Can’t wait to take the Photography 101 class!  :)  

    I love taking pictures of my kids and home projects! 

  • Kellikelz

    Lately it’s been my homemade baked goods but usually it’s my 2 yo daughter Lily.

  • Rach

    I can’t wait to learn more!  I enjoy taking photos of projects I work on, as well as my family!

  • DonnaVDL

    I am very excited for the launch of Shoot Fly Shoot! I am always trying to learn more and more so that I can shoot wonderful photos of my daughter.

  • Chrissy Farnan

    I love product photography and nature too.  Food however is my favorite!!

  • Amber

    I love to shoot portraits, especially of my 5 mo old little man!

  • Saraross3907

    I like taking pictures of my child!  And agriculture type pictures.

  • Angela

    landscape and cultural photography. great site!!

  • Gustojess

    Love to photograph outdoors…color intrigues me.

  • Robinmaia

    I am so excited about this site. I plan on taking the 101 class soon. I love taking pictures of my little girl in action, food, and landscapes. Can’t wait to learn how to use my camera!

  • TK

    I mostly shoot pics of the kids, and love the idea of online classes to improve my skills.

  • suzeshel

    Looking to learn more about sprucing up the shots I take for our family of websites!  Can’t wait to start the course!

  • Diane Y.

    My favorite thing to shoot is portraits.  This looks like a great site & I hope to take your classes in the near future.

  • Kelly

    I thought I would like shooting interiors the best, but lately it seems I like to eat more than I like to decorate!  So I guess my favorite shots are of food….especially desserts!
    Buying the photography 101 class today.  Would LOVE a 50mm lens for my Canon.
    Thanks for your giveaway!

  • Susan S.

    Congrats on your new website! Looking forward to what you will be sharing! My favorite thing to shoot is shots of my grandchildren!

  • Lexi K

    Favorite thing to shoot: my dog Ringo :)

  • Suzanne

    I have an obsession with before and afters. Anything really. Hair, food, interiors, kids :) I actually just purchased my first “real” camera last week, and have been looking for someone to teach me how to use it. I’m a fan of the lettered cottage, and there it was! I can’t wait for the classes. I’m signing up right now :)

  • Joani

    Anything in the garden that is blooming or growing.  

  • A Creative Spirit

    My favorite subjects for my pics are my grandkids but a close second is nature shots.

    Congrats on the new site!!!

  • Amy

    Children are my favorite!

  • colleen

    really like the shop part takes you right to the vendor how great is that. my fav is objects prob cause i really suck at people +pets [my older pooch is camera shy, younger one is too fast] ha ha

  • Rebecca Halverson

    My favorite things to shoot are my kids, diy projects, old buildings, and  landscapes. Looking forward to learning more about photography so I will no longer be afraid of the M! 

  • Renae R

    I love to snap my kiddos!  They’re getting bigger now and don’t sit still much but they’re still fun to photograph doing things that interest them at these stages in their lives (they’re 7 and 4).

    Congrats on your new venture guys!!

  • Jen Arias

    This is such a brillant idea!  Can’t wait to get started with the Photo 101 class.  I love portraits and landscapes but have so much to learn. 

  • Amy

    Kids and Dogs – what else!

  • Christine

    Theres something about churches. I love them! everywhere I go i find one and i’m always saying to my hubby… I can’t believe I don’t have my camera! I also like sunsets, anything with the ocean.

  • Jennifercb77

    My favorite thing to shoot is my sweet 2 year old little girl! What a ham!!

  • Kim S.

     I like taking photo of my family.  Even better if they are outside and candid!

  • http://www.nourishingthenest.blogspot.com/ Jenny

    Wow, the site came out great!  I am embarrassed to say that I shot Children’s Photography (and got paid) while staying in the big “A”.  I know, epic fail.  Even worse is that my dad shoots professionally and I can’t learn a single thing from him.  Let’s just say after starting a blog and taking more pics, I have been very interested in what you all would have to offer!  

  • Scraps501

    My favorite thing to shoot are portraits of my sweet girls!!

  • Stacy

    flowers & nature.

  • rikkisnyder

    Love that lens! My favorites to shoot are food and still life [: 

  • Chelsea Leming

    Loving portraits right now!

  • danica

    kidsfoodgardeninteriors !

  • sona

    My favorite thing is family, including a bunch of kids.  If you ever think to add something to your class/es please help us understand how to shoot the kids when they are NOT sitting still as they are not that good as posing!!   :o) 

  • Sandle

    Good luck to you guys! My favorite subject hands down is my children. Can’t shoot enough frames of them!

  • Traci @ Beneath My Heart

    I need a nifty 50 soooo bad!  I hope I win!  And best wishes on this new adventure you are on. ;)

  • allisonhop

    Oh man!  How am I supposed to pick just one?!  I really like shooting food, but I’m not very good at it.  And I really want to learn how to shoot interiors!

  • Rachel Liebert

    I love to take photos of people! It’s so fun (:

  • http://thegreenfox.com/ The Green Fox

    My biggest passion is shooting animals… both home and home-less animals. As an eco-vegan chick, photographing and documenting my life, as well as others towards becoming a happier, healthier and more Eco-conscious person is what keeps my heart beating. 

  • Kuleski74

    I love taking photos of landscapes and of my two four legged friends, Harley and Ladybug.

  • Laura Florida

    Doggies! We have 3, and I’ve always got the camera trained on them. Our friends like it when I shoot their dogs as well.  I  I live on near the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay, so nature photos are also right up there on the list!

  • Cindy_singer

    Favorite thing to shoot is my kids!!

  • Ben Margeson

    I seem to favor taking pictures of textures.  Really anything with alot of detail.

  • Kelly

    Favorite thing to shoot with my camera is my baby…unfortunatley I dont know how to use my dslr so I need to take your beginner class!

  • Katie

    Yay!!! I am so excited your site is finally up!!  My favorite thing to shoot is probably candid family photos.  Some of my favorite photos are genuine, mid-laugh grins!  :0)

  • Lauri Courtright

    I love shooting my kids, so I won’t forget these days that they’re still little.

  • Deidra D

    Kevin, I have been following you and Layla over at TLC and am very excited you are up and running. I hope to be purchasing a DSL in the near future and plan on coming back for your online classes. I just looked at the Photography 101 and I was floored it was SO affordable! Thank you for that!!

  • Kristen M

    I enjoy shooting Landscapes/Architecture.  Looking forward to all this site will offer!

  • http://twitter.com/ArgyleAllie Alathia

    Great site.  Right now I like to shoot just about anything, since I’m getting to know my camera.  Outdoors, the four legged critter, the house. 

  • Lori Smith

    Candid shots are my fav….great new site, I’m excited to start learning from you :)

  • Chaney

    My favorite thing to shoot is detail shots – as close up as I can get!

  • Michelle Henry

    Nature photography and urban scenes

  • Sylvie Couture

    I like to photograph birds in the wild and flowers in my garden.

  • Carolyn Cowan

    Congrats on the new site guys! My hubby bought me a new camera for my birthday last year and I love to photograph bands and candid shots of my favorite musicians(if you lived closer, I would photograph you:) (oh, and trees…I have a strange fascination with taking photos of trees….

  • Jamie B

    I just got my first dslr and would love this lens! My favorite thing to shoot is my 5 year old son & his little friends. Such a fun age. :)

    • Wendy Robert

      I love that age too because they don’t mind the camera being around.  My daughter is 11 and she is very aware that I am trying to take her picture.   It makes it a lot harder to get those candid shots LOL

  • Wendy Robert

    I just bought my first DSLR so that I can finally take the portraits I want of my children.  There is nothing that enjoy more than taking pictures of my children to last a lifetime and beyond.

  • Vanessa Dolberry

    I love taking pics of my kids, but also anything in nature.  I used to have a 50mm lens but I dropped it and it broke. : ( Can’t wait to learn more about photography from you guys!

  • Rachelleigh21

    I love to shoot babies of all ages!

  • Callie

    My boys!
    Just found your site through lettered cottage tweet. I see a photography class in my future :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sara-Bahorski/1001816299 Sara Bahorski

    My kiddos…they are perfect subjects!

  • Megan

    I am just now getting into photography so I pretty much take pictures of EVERYTHING! Can’t wait to take y’alls first class! 

  • Happymoe

    I haven’t discovered what my favorite thing to shoot is yet. Right now I’m trying to learn as much as I can so that I can figure it out!!! So excited about your site!!!

  • Dori Troutman

    My favorite “thing” to photo-shoot are my grand daughters!!! 

  • Leen

    my favorite thing to take pics of is my kids.  I like beach photography too and know I will like it more as I get better at it from taking your class :)

  • Meggo

    My favorite thing to take pictures of is my newborn son, and boy do I need yall’s help!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1429921999 J DeMeo

    Probably outdoor landscape, with a preference for sunsets

  • Jan

    I love to capture all those special moments in life to preserve the memory….simple, silly, marvelous life moments….can’t go anywhere without my camera!

  • c.piepenburg

    I like shooting old farms/barns, pretty much anything old!

  • Snorthington

    I am terrified of the “M” word!! LOL!! I love taking pics of the kiddos. I will have to sign up for your 101 class!

  • Cgreyd

    My favorite thing to photograph is dog sledding teams in Wyoming!  They are always so happy and smiling at the camera while they are running and their tongues are flopping around everywhere!

  • http://www.facebook.com/broussie4eyes Kristy LeBlanc Broussard

    I like to shoot “life” in general… but mostly my kids! :)  This is an AWESOME give away! 

  • The Hill Hangout

    My favorite thing to shoot is my children, of course. (Boy, that could be taken the wrong way ;)) But I’d love to improve my food photography skills. 

  • Emily D

    Hi! Family and friends…oh, and my lunch.

  • Starnes332

    Everything… I love taking pictures!!

  • Jenna Whipp

    I love shooting kids, the one’s I know of course :)

  • Kmegz

    My kiddos for sure.  They are the whole reason I want to learn to shoot better.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Christy

    Great site!  My favorite subjects to shoot are my beautiful kids… would SO love to try out a 50mm lens :)

  • Lrsinon

    like many I’m not use to the manual options on my camera.  I have an older but I believe still good Nikon D80.  I refuse to buy another camera until I get to know those manual options on my camera.  I have taken a course through PPSOP, but as good as they are, they are very expensive, so I’m really looking forward to your site.  I just bought a Tokina 
    AT-X 116 PRO DX and it way beyond my knowledge.  I hope you will touch on other lenses, as well as Nikon and Cannon.  Will there be any critiques on our pictures to help us out a bit more?  And of course I would love to have the 50 mm  :_

  • Lysdemello

    My favorite thing to shoot? People. Love. People in love.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • Tami Kovac

    What nice give away and I can’t wait to take my first class thanks for making this so fun

  • Lrsinon

    Seeing if this works …  I too need more practice with the manual settings.  I took a course through PPSOP, but didn’t take their introductory course because of the price.  So I’m really looking forward to this.  I recently bought a Tokina 
    AT-X 116 PRO DX, and it is way beyond what I know.  I did the research I think it is as good as a Nikon, but a lot cheaper, but that doesn’t help if you don’t know what to do with it.  It would be nice to get reviews on other lenses.  Will you be critiquing some of our photos, to help us out?  And of course I would love to try the 50mm out, even better to own one.  I have a couple of Nikon lenses, that I bought before I knew anything an F4.5 70-300 (hate), and a small F1.4 35mm (great for low light shots as in sneaking it into concerts) as well a sigma marco 17-300, which I love!  All I need to do is learn, before I buy more :), to replace the ones I don’t like.  Your videos look great and very well explained.  I’m going to start tomorrow on the first one.

  • Caitlin Elder

    My daughter! 20 months sure is a fun age :o)
    Looking forward to learning a lot here!

  • Anna

    Love shooting families. I like to capture their emotion interacting with each other.

  • Karla

    I love to take pictures of my Grandparents, so many stories in their expressions!

  • MyJammin5

    My favorite thing to shoot is my family.

  • http://profiles.google.com/terrillr2 Terri Roberts

    My favorite subject is my Grandson (only have the one).  I’m looking forward to your new adventure!

  • Di

    My fave thing to shoot is my house, which is in progress…DIY,  and my little kiddos ( 2 and 4). I don’t know how to use my camera, which is new for my birthday, so I’m going to give your 101 class a shot. Ready for school!!!  Couldn’t have timed this any more perfect!!!!! Thankyou

  • http://www.diynewlyweds.com/ Jenny @ DIY Newlyweds

    Congratulations on your launch!

  • JessiBee

    Favorite thing {that I want to learn to shoot} would be food!! I LOVE food :) of course other options would be a must like, interiors, kids, maybe adults…etc :)
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • http://twitter.com/NameisisFilm NameisisFilmParadise


    I like to shoot nature Landscapes most, but i also shoot family and portraits.

  • Amanda

    My children.

  • Sayed Alamy

    Lately my favorite thing to shoot has been walking around Seattle and shooting off beat random stuff. Trying to push into the portraiture stuff too. Never knew 41down had two photographers in it. Looking forward to more posts on this here site, mmhmm

  • Onlinelesley

    This is a great site! Well done. I like photographing people and am very keen to learn how to do it properly!

  • Stacey Agnew

    So excited for your blog!  I love shooting our three kids, two dogs, food and nature.  This lens has been on my wish list. 

  • Delightfuleclecticabode

    Awesome site! I mostly like to shoot garden photography and I struggle with interior photography. I definitely need to learn how to use my rather new canon 60d dslr. I have no idea how to use the manual controls. Hope I’m lucky and can win this lens! It might inspire me to learn more about photography!


  • Abby Koeff

    I love photographing newborns and engagements…undescribable love!  :)

  • Rileybigshoes

    Gardens and the things in them.  

  • http://profiles.google.com/daneandjessharvey Jessica Harvey

    Favorite thing to shoot are things around my house, and my children! I’ve been totally wanting a nifty fifty since I got my Rebel for Christmas. Fingers crossed! 

  • Leslie

    I am an adopted mother of two precious girls…and I LOVE to shoot my girls!!
    Your site and and teaching method is awesome!!!
    I wish you guys nothing but the best of luck in your new business!

  • Dana @ Crafted Niche

    My fave things to photograph are my animals. 3 dogs and a horse makes for a lot of picture.

    Ps. I didnt feel comfortable saying I liked to shoot my animals so I swapped in “photograph” :-)

  • Amber Aird

    My favorite things to shoot are landscapes and kids!

  • Meghan

    I love to take pics of my kiddos in nature.

  • Bonnie

    Love to shoot products as well as photograph my kiddos!! thanks for the giveaway! Lovin’ your site!!

  • http://www.mamaolie.blogspot.com/ Tracy O

    My favorite thing to take pics of right now is my children…they seem to be the main subject in all my photographs!

  • TinaC

    Fav thing to shoot…nature. So much easier to shoot a flower than my kids.

  • Freedom556

    I like to shoot the projects (crafts, etc.) that I create.

  • Robin

    Love the new site! I love shooting landscapes and outdoor scenes currently

  • Susan

    Portraits of children is my favorite!

  • Deidre

    Love this site! I take pics mostly of my children.

  • Debs

    I am excited to sign up for your classes! I love taking photos of my garden and pups.

  • Angie


  • Boydfamily599

    It’s people, people, people. That is until I get distracted with the view from my kitchen window. Mother Nature can present the most amazing opportunities to take a picture.

  • Tmmerle

    My favorite thing changes all the time…right now it is the “hoar frost” that we recently had….beautiful pics  :)

  • Michele Hicks

    Super excited by the new site!!!! My favorite thing to “shoot” is my family! 

  • Rgmcmanus

    So excited to find this blog! Beneath my Heart sent me here.  My favorite thing to shoot is my grandson! Adding your blog to my reader!  Can’t wait for more tips and lessions!

  • Nicole@ThriftyDecorating

    I love to shoot “things” for my blog, but I want to learn how to do people better and how to run photoshop!  Can’t wait!

  • Alli Hill

    My favorite thing to shoot is newborns and children. I borrowed a friend’s 5o mm lens to take these shots of my two-day old niece last spring: http://bit.ly/yQt1bo
    I love how they turned out! I’ve been saving up for my own 50 mm lens :)

  • Mandi@vintagerevivals

    Awesome site guys!!! I shoot tons of interiors and would love to win this!!

    Love your guts

  • Pamela Grieco

    My favorite is whatever happens to catch my eye at the moment I have a camera in my hand – just need to start carrying the camera more often.   :)  Thanks so much for this site – just what I need. Pam

  • Krystal

    I love shooting family portraits.  Love seeing their faces when they see their images for the first time :-)

  • kelly

    I love to shoot barns.

  • Heidi

    I love shooting families as they interact naturally…LOVE the smiles that come from those sessions! :)

  • Aliciab915

    Shooting my kids and their sporting events.

  • J and A Brumfield

    Thanks for this site!  I am asking for Photography 101 for my birthday!  My favorite thing to shoot is my kids (wait – something doesn’t sound quite right there)!  How about I want to be able to take better pics of my kids.  Congratulations on your site launch!

  • Lia Thomassian13

    Favorite thing to do shoot is Mexican food! I love all of the colors associated with this type of food! :) 

  • http://twitter.com/seagrassstudio elizabeth swartz

    I was so excited when I saw on theletteredcottage that this was up and running – congratulations!!

    once upon a time, my favorite thing to shoot were candids of my kids but since they’ve become surly teenagers they’re not so interested. I have to say this lens would be great for shooting my jewelry and other art. I took a web design class this fall and would love to get better shots for my online store.

    best of luck to you!

  • Katie

    I’m still learning my nikon camera, but I just love snapping candid photos!

  • Ryan R

    Our kids and puppy.

  • AnnieB

    Love the website.  I don’t really have a favorite thing to shoot. I just enjoy shooting. 

  • Mherri3

    My favorite thing to shoot is my daughter for now :)

  • Courtneymolony

    my favorite thing to shoot is my precious 2 year old little girl :)

  • kristen maddux

    I enjoy capturing people *right* when the emotion is perfect.  This lens would help me soooo much to do that better!

  • Meagan_Jenkins

    I love to take pictures of food and my loved ones when they don’t know it!

  • http://contemplativecj.wordpress.com/ Carolyn

    I like shooting nature up close and personal (leaves, buds, trees, bark, etc.). I’ve heard this lens is also dubbed the “nifty 50.”

  • Brenda

    I prefer to shoot people (family, friends…), but also love taking pics of flowers and my cats :)

  • http://www.permissiontoperuse.com Amy Bennett

    I’m always taking pictures of either my kids or my house.  I would love to get better at both and food too!  Loving your site, by the way!

  • Larry

    I love shooting outdoor portraits with my adorable daughters.

  • Tracy P

    My favorite things to shoot are people and the beach!

  • Toppari

    I love to take up close nature shots and portraits of my children. Great site! I am anxious to learn more about my camera!

  • Rae

    Some of my favorite things to shoot are my dog, and I’ve been working to improve my shooting skills with food and DIY projects I do.

  • Vickie

    My favorite thing to photograph is our 2 grandchildren, Bowen and Bentley. I can’t wait to get started with the Photography 101 class.

  • http://www.acresofdesire.com/ Beth

    I love to shoot portraits, especially of my adorable nephews.  Their expressions are priceless.

  • Lisa

    My favorite thing to shoot is weddings! :)

  • http://www.atlasweddings.com/ Rochelle Muellenberg

    My favorite thing to photography is my 2 year old nephew.

  • Alison

    Hello! Can’t wait to read more here on this site!  Congrats! 

    My favorite photos to take are of my daughter.  Candid or Portraits…  You can never have too many pictures of your child…  

  • Lovefeasttable

    Can we just say how happy we are that you are here…sharing tips with us! We can’t wait to dig in and learn. I love to shoot anything that is in the moment…not “displayed”…that gets captured. 

  • http://theunfocusedlife.blogspot.com/ Lee Ann L.

    I actually love macro photography in nature.   I like shooting butterflies, bees, flies and more while they’re busy working away on the flowers.  However, I’m needing a lens like this for taking pictures of fabrics, blocks, crafts and more for my blog.  As it is, I currently use a wide angle lens because it’s all I have besides the macro lens. This would complete the set. :-)

    Thank you for a chance to win.  

    PS I found you by the way of Beneath my Heart blog which I follow.  I’m loving the idea of these classes.  It’s a step closer to reality for a deafie like me.  But, it is still difficult for me to follow along. 

  • Chad Irwin

    I’m pretty excited about your new classes!  I like taking pictures of life and portraits too.

  • Stephanie Sabbe

    my sweet little baby boy!

  • Heidi

    My favorite things to shoot are my son and home improvement projects.

  • Maryjanesparrow

    I love shooting portraits and would LOVE this lens!
    Mary Jane

  • Amy Smith

    I love taking portraits of my kids!

  • amy

    I love to shoot food and my kids of course! 

  • Jenna

    i love shooting children. especially newborns and families

  • Tzales13

    My favorite thing to photograph are my kids and our dog.

  • http://www.coastalnest.blogspot.com/ It’s Lisa!

    I am so pumped to start this class, guys..I will need to wait till payday in a few days to sign up..My husband gifted me with a Cannon rebel t3 for christmas..I.AM.MORTIFIED! ..and reading the manual? zzzzzzz. I am a visual learner, too..

    this will be so fun!!
    Lisa McElliott

  • Michele

    I received my first DSLR for Christmas.  I have the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  So far I LOVE IT!  I have a lot to learn though.  I’m super excited about this website!  I love to take pics of my boys, and also love shooting landscape pictures.  I live in a rural area.  Great photo ops out here.  I’m always seeing new things I would like to shoot while I’m driving now, crazy.  I see the world a whole new way now!  Thanks for the site!!

  • Caroline

    I like to shoot Portraits of my children! 

  • Lauren Powell

    Love your site!  Favorite thing to shoot is interiors and food!

  • Sean

    Portraits are my favorite to shoot. 

  • Sarah Edwards

    This site/classes may be just up my alley.  I love to attempt to take photos of my lil ones – but that requires cooperation.  I’d love to try architectural or nature photos too!

  • Amber

    My favourite thing to shoot with my DSLR is people (all sorts of people)! I enjoy capturing casual portraits of my friends and family the most!

  • Lucy

    my favorite thing to shoot is everything but the kitchen sink! Unless its a vintage kitchen sink, therefore, i will shoot it, too! Especially if it’s cast iron or copper and farm sinks, oh, I love farm sinks. 

  • Vanessa

    This site is amazing!  Currently I love shooting my 20 month old baby girl :)

  • LindsayH

    I love “shooting” my nieces and dog :)

  • Krista

    What a great site! Thanks for all the info. I enjoy shooting portrait and landscape photography and would love to play around with a 50mm.

  • Dpaxton2

    Just got my first Digital Canon, can’t wait to lean how to use it.

  • Carol Schneider

    My sweet kiddo’s of course. Doing all the things they love to do.

  • mikes

    Portraits in low light

  • Snuz81

    I’m just learning how to use my camera, but I really enjoy food photography!

  • karen serna

    my favorite thing to shoot would have to be my hubs and kiddos…  love seeing them together.  :)   thanks for the chance to win!  

  • Iman

    i love taking pictures of my kids using natural light!

  • http://heatherscookiesforbreakfast.blogspot.com/ Heather @Cookies for Breakfast

    Portraits (of my new baby!) are my favorite thing to shoot.  And a nice new lens would definitely be helpful! 

  • Mary

    So far, I’ve been shooting our 4 legged critters (6 golden retrievers and a motley cat) and very excited to learn how to do more with your photo 101 class.

  • Htuggle

    Congrats on your new website!  I’m excited to be a follower!  My favorite things to shoot are my 2.5 year old and my 5.5 year old!

  • We5kings

    My children are in theater so I do their headshots, and many of their friends as well.  As the company photographer for a regional theatre, I also enjoy photographing their shows.

  • Susie B

    I Like to take pictures of people, my dogs, flowers…I would love to no more about shooting interiors. I hope you will cover that in the future. I’m excited about your site. I have a lot to learn!

    • Susie B


  • http://www.blue-kangaroo.blogspot.com/ Beckie

    So pumped to take your online photography class!
    I love taking any photos.  Portraits are my fave and I’m excited to learn more in all areas.

  • Alinissensctc

    My favorite thing to shoot is landscape! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  • Erin

    my favorite thing to shoot is holiday photos

  • http://www.staceydawnimages.com/ Staceydawn

    I love to shoot close ups of flowers, plants, pets, etc.  I just am so addicted to clicking!! ;o)

  • Nancybeesley

    My favorite is my new, incredibly beautiful granddaughter!

  • LaurieY

     Trees.  Pathways. Gardens. The way the light pours in. My husband working the land. Vignettes of home.

    Soule Mama just posted what Louie Schwartzberg sees through his lens. What the eye sees; what the heart sees. How to look . . .

    http://www.ted.com/talks/louie_schwartzberg_nature_beauty_gratitude.html  )

    I just purchased a 50 mm lens. Although, not the big kahuna pro 50 MM . . but, one potato at a time.

    *LOVE* the name, Shoot Fly Shoot. Brilliant. The website is A+ user-friendly and the option to review classes is perfect for a gal like me.

    People, we’re on the maiden voyage!

  • Shawni

    Cannot wait to take your classes, I am a total photo junky.  I dove in and bought the camera, the lighting, and Photoshop, now I need someone to show me how to use it all :).  My favorite things to photograph are people, I love capturing emotion whether it is a posed or candid shot. 

  • Sarahklepzig

    Just finished the class. I learned so much. THANKS GUYS for making it so understandable. Can’t wait to take the 2nd class. Now I guess I need to go by a real DSLR…the trouble is deciding which one.

  • Sarahklepzig

    Just finished the class. I learned so much. THANKS GUYS for making it so understandable. Can’t wait to take the 2nd class. Now I guess I need to go by a real DSLR…the trouble is deciding which one.

  • Kristincita1

    I have really gotten into food photography lately
    kristincita1 at comcast dot net

  • Trianna

    My favorite thing to shoot is beaches. 

  • jordyn

    favorite thing to shoot is gritty urban scenes

  • Laurel

    I love shooting portraits mostly but I’m excited to get real with the M and shoot everything! Yay!

  • Karlamahealani2003

    Woohoo! Loving this! My favortie thing to shoot is portraits. :)

  • Ashley

    Thanks for the great giveaway! My favorite thing to shoot is my 6 month old baby girl!

  • Courtney

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, I love to shoot portraits!

  • kerryann

    I love to take pictures of everything. Right now it is mostly my kids! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jen-Reimer/1574177492 Jen Reimer

    i’ve been learning the ‘m’ myself while shooting images of my 7 month old :) but can’t wait to learn more.  It’s the photoshop I have yet to learn anything about :/ 

  • Mbustermassey

    I would love to win. I love to shoot people…not portraits, but people as they go about their daily lives. I especially love to shoot pictures of people I love…my parents, my husband, my children and grandchildren.

  • Cheryl

    I am so excited to be able to have the opportunity to take a class and learn to take better photos.   I will be hinting to my hubby what I want for my bday.
    I love taking pictures of family, friends and landscapes.

  • PixieLady

    I love to shoot closeups of textures found in nature. Unfortunately my lens I have right now is not very good at that

  • Tracey Wyatt

    I love to photograph my dog!

  • Mica Staheli

    I’d love to win this! I was just given a brand new camera!:)


  • Khamff

    I love ‘shooting’ my 4 yr old grandson, but he lives in Houston, TX and I am in Jxn, MS. Next to him, it would be outdoor shots, or candid shots.

  • Linda Jamar

    I love shooting pictures of flowers and closeups of stuff I find on flea market trips.

  • Jennypyle

    my doggy-Maya a siberian husky-snowing, taken through window Canon EOS 60D
    1/125  f/ 5.0  ISO 400

  • Jules

    My favorite thing to shoot is the Texas countryside and my kids.

  • Meredith Hyde

    As a mom of two, I’d have to say my favorite thing to shoot is my two year old interacting with my 4 month old. He tries to make her giggle.  Precious.
    Love the site, this is a great solution to a huge need!

  • Soly

    My babies…can’t get enough of those pictures!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=665701515 Pam Sattler

    What an exciting inaugural post! I love urban shots. I’ve been living in a new city for the past year and it has much older buildings than what I am used to and I love exploring new neighborhoods that are sort of in shambles but have a lot of history. Really fun! 

  • Laurie Robinson

    Our baby just turned nine months…he is all over the place and I love to capture his fun expressions when he discovers something new!  

  • Barbara Hall

    I love to shoot candid portraits.

  • Patricia Steglinski

    I shoot portraits! =) I am an amateur and this would help me TREMENDOUSLY! 

  • Kim Rohrbough

    I love to shoot my kids – I mean take pictures of my kids :)

  • Jenleaman

    I like to photograph flowers. Can’t wait for spring!

  • Linda M

    I love to photograph everything, but especially portraits of my sweet grand baby!  That’s my favorite, for sure… :-)

  • Libranto

    I love to shoot portraits..

  • Amy

    I love to photograph the candid beauty of the moment – smiles, laughter, embraces, goofy faces, you name it :)

  • Darrell Vasquez

    My favorite thing to shoot would be kids. My nephews and nieces (my own kids some day) are so hilarious and trying to catch them in action through all the chaos is my favorite!

  • Carol

    If  it’s not Angels, then it’s flowers, and if it’s not flowers, it’s food, and if it’s not food, it’s sunrises or sunsets at the beach, and if it’s not at the beach it’s my pets or my friends pets, or just capturing family memories….Like my Mother always says…You shoot everything you see….there are so many beautiful things in this world and I don’t want any of it passing us by……I love my camera and it brings me so much joy to share my photography with my friends and the world!

  • Karen Peterson

    Love to shoot people (thank heavens this is a camera forum and you all KNOW what I’m talking about!)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=632768647 Connie Cleveland

    I love to shoot pet portraits.. I have three Shih Tzu’s that love to show me all their new looks and poses. 

  • Samantha Bowman

    I’m really into shooting interiors right now.  Specifically, my new home where I am currently doing a ton of DIY projects.  Thank you for all your hard work!

  • Geri

    My 12th grandchild was just born and it was a boy!  I have 11 grandsons and 1 granddaughter!  I love photographing children especially them!

  • lainakay

    Just got my first DSLR, terrified of the M … so excited to see your classes! I would love to take beautiful portraits of my kids but pretty room shots would be fun, too!

  • Robin

    What makes me happiest is when I am shooting portraits of DOGGIES!!  I meet dogs wherever I go, and I always have my camera with me.  They are the purest expression of what is good in the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=577726080 Kari Lynn James O’Dell

    I love to shoot photo’s of my daughter. She is a precocious 2 year old and I never know what I will snap a photo of.  I am just starting out with photography and can’t wait to see all that I will be able to accomplish!

  • Audra

    I love to shoot my kids!  :)  With my camera :)

  • Stephanddave

    Love the class!!!! My favorite is taking pictures of my kids, close ups are the best!

  • Corrie

    Just got a new Canon last week and I’m trying so hard to learn how to use the dang thing- definitely need to sign up for a class! But starting off, I’m lovin’ trying to take pictures of my kids.

  • Craftymeldesigns

    My favorite thing to shoot is design and I would love to win this lens. I love your site and I can’t wait for the Photoshop classes to start! Thanks for the giveway, you guys rock!

  • Kelly M

    I definitely need some photography help! 

  • Toni

    people-  any kind of people!!  big ones or little ones and even the littlest of ones.   I just love that no two are the same! 

  • Sally

    Oh to win something! Especically this wonderful lens.

  • Sally

    Oh to win something! Especically this wonderful lens.

  • janine

    I love to shoot street photographs, you can capture great candids of people and animals in very interesting situations.

  • janine

    I love to shoot street photographs, you can capture great candids of people and animals in very interesting situations.

  • Sherri

    Favorite thing to shoot is pics of my kids. Thanks to this site, I am finally fulfilling a lifelong passion! Happy clickin’ and chimpin’

  • Jessace1029

    I love to capture the children being so creative and being so imiginitive in their own way. It’s pretty much my Favorite.

  • matt

    I love shooting candid portraits, getting people unposed as they naturally are. Primes are amazing for this and work great in low lights. perfect walk around lenses to challenge anyone.

  • Sally Gee

    I love to shoot photos of things.  Flowers, trees, landscapes, etc.  I love the beauty of the outdoors and like to bring that feeling inside.  I just got a DSLR and it is so different from a SLR, I am having problems adjusting.       

  • Laurel

    I love to take pictures of my kids outdoors.

  • akgeezee

    I am excited to see this format for classes. I need to learn more about using my camera so I waited for your offering before commiting to a class. I love taking pictures of my kids and things we are doing together.

  • Cathyplsn

    thanks for the chance to win a wonderful lense.  I am fairly new to the dslr camera. Learning new things every day.  I am especially interested in shooting nature and architecture.  I try to shoot at least one picture everyday.  Would love to get another lense and be able to get different shots.  thanks again.  Hope to win.  

  • Tiffany

    My most favorite subject to shoot pictures of right now are my kiddos! I have a 9 year old boy who is very active in sports.  I love the action shots! I also have a 6 year old boy who loves to play, his love of the outdoors is amazing and I love to catch candids of his imagination at it’s best. And last but not least I have a 4 year old little girl. She is so much fun, her greatest love is animals, especially her horses. So as you can see, my camera never gets bored! I LOVE to take pictures!

  • Kimberlydavies

    I love to take pictures of my kids!

  • http://profiles.google.com/britineyj Britiney Slaughter

    Portraits of my kids!! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Charnott

    I love shooting architecture.  I like to find abstract close ups in the geometry of the building.

  • http://familylovehome.blogspot.com/ Lori

    I love taking pictures of the kids – portraits, candids, and everything in between!

  • Amy

    Great blog and great giveaway!! My favorite subjects are my children. :)

  • Rach

    I enjoy taking photos of my children.  

  • Suzanne

    I purchased my first DSLR 5 yrs ago and I was hooked immediately!  As a mom of 3, my favorite subject is my kids, of course.  I couldn’t believe how much better I was able to capture their quickly changing expressions and movements with my Canon 30D.  I tell every expectant parent that the best thing they can buy in preparation for their impending bundle of joy is a DSLR!

  • Jengel

    I love shooting photos of my little boys at play. Capturing their childhood one dare-deviled, skinned knee, “hey mama, watch this!” moment at a time is the very definition of bittersweet. I’m usually smiling, I’m often cringing, but I’m always remembering that this time is all too fleeting.

  • Amy

    I love capturing the candid beauty in the moment – smiles, laughter, goofy faces, you name it!

  • Pam M

    Always try to keep a camera with me to catch those surprise shots.

  • Amy

    (I apologize…I didn’t mean to comment twice! I didn’t think my first one went through, but then I found it!)

  • Krista Ennis

    I  love photographing my triplets!  Wow…getting all three in one shot together is often a miracle of sorts!

  • LoreeT

    My favorite thing to shoot would be my kids! I love being able to capture a special moment for them to look back at someday.  :)

  • Sabrina

    I love to shoot portraits – and especially baby photos. I just got a SLR and am excited to dive in.

  • Miranda ROller

    I love to shoot pics of my kids  playing outside in an unstructured environment (like a field).  The playful candids are the best.  I’d love to win a 50mm lens…it’s high on my WANT list.

  • Jengel

    I love snapping photos on the fly of my two little boys. Capturing every daredeviled, skinned knee, “hey mama, watch THIS!” moment is the very definition of bittersweet. I’m usually smiling, I’m often cringing, but I’m always remembering that this time is all too fleeting.

    • Jengel

      Whoops, just realized I posted twice! Couldn’t find my first comment, so I reposted. Sorry!

  • Mendi

    I am excited to hear about you classes because I am still shooting most of my photos in Auto and I am ready to step it up! I like to shoot portrait shots of my kids.

  • melanieamoore

    My kids!!! :)

  • abristowhaven

    So excited about this site! I am fan of shooting portraits, but would love to become more experienced in shooting interiors and products.

  • P Aichler

    Love Portraits….or Landscapes….i just love to Shoot Fly Shoot!

  • http://twitter.com/NotSewQuiet Kristen of Chaos

    It’s a toss up between pics of the pets or the lovely fabric/creations happening in the house.  

  • Caitlin G

    I love to shoot portraits! I’ve been dying for a 50 mm lens!!

  • Chris

    I love portraits with a 50mm lens.

  • ceecee

    I love to shoot children and sports…..of course it helps both my boys play sports. But i am a total people person for sure!!

  • Mirela

    I love to shoot candid portraits of people laughing, there is nothing more beautiful than a natural laugh.

  • Mariggold

    I am also one of those terrified of the “M”. I will certainly be reading and watching in an attempt to overcome this fear.

  • StevenPDX

    The 50mm lens would be great to photograph my 4 month old.

  • Elizabeth@themustardceiling

    I hope I win.  I am an interior design/DIY blogger and just started going through your videos (they are helping so much).  I love to shoot interiors.

  • Derbhile

    Family & Friend get togethers

  • Marybeth99

    I’m new to DSLR, but so far I’m enjoying taking pictures of my kids!  Hope to learn a lot from your site!

  • Heather

    I love to capture the random moments of my 4 kids….just being silly or in their sporting activities.  Looking forward to learning more about my DSLR and  its capabilities…thanks for creating a site/classes compatible with a busy mom’s schedule.

  • Chris

    I love to shoot my furniture that I repair and paint–and of course my family….and dog..and the cardinals that I feed EVERY night in our yard–espically against the white snow…and food–oh food how fun is that to shoot–and my flowers as they bloom….I guess i like to shoot EVERYTHING!!!

  • Shaunna

    Well, I’d love a new lens.  I’m an interior girl & of course, love to shoot my kids. :-)

  • Mallory

    I just got my first DSLR camera for Christmas and have only shot interior shots of our renovations and my DIY projects.  I’m hoping to master the M, (after watching your videos a couple hundred times), and move on to all of my friends’ kids!

  • Kendallhudgins

    I love shooting pictures of my son outside!! He is one :) i also do a lot of wedding photos outside :)

  • Elizabeth C.

    My favorite thing to shoot is my 2 year old son!

  • Patti Curry

    My favorite thing to shoot is landscape. I have found since I moved to San Antonio Texas it has so much to offer when it comes to landscape. So I have taken up photography as a hobby. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Doug-Price/874165603 Doug Price

    I think my favorite thing to shoot is the unexpected…like when you are driving along and suddenly have to turn around because you passed an old barn that looks majestic in the setting sun.  You never know where your next great shot will come from.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shauna.oberg Shauna Oberg

    I love shooting anything to do with interiors (and gardens too)!

  • Ehtm98

    Love shooting interior DIY projects right now… but unfortunately I don’t know how to use my camera yet!

  • Rita

    Right now my favorite subjects are my dog and cats. I also really enjoying landscape pictures.

  • Stephanie Morency

    I love to shoot newborns – and this 50mm is on my wish list to make my photos better!  ;)

  • Heidics

    I really love shooting children’s Portraits

  • Auntie_jenn

    mostly kids…looking forward to your classes!

  • elizabethmock

    Josh and Kevin, I’m excited to see what/how you educate me to be a better photographer.  As for me, I love taking photos of people, mostly my family, and mostly portrait.  Sadly, the photos never are as good in the end as what I saw through my viewfinder…

  • Kara Jenkins

    Portraits are my favorite!  I love capturing emotions and making special moments last for years to come!

  • Marriedroses

    Awesome giveaway! My favorite thing to shoot would have to be my kids! This would be a great lens to win, ten days ago I just had my third baby so it would be perfect timing for shooting some baby announcements! Thank you so much!!

  • Minna An

    hands down, FOOD!

  • Mendy

    I love taking pictures of my grandson, he is 2 months old and staring to smile!

  • Meggo

    I love taking pictures of my newborn son, and boy do I need yall’s help!

  • Rhonda


  • Daisy Coleman

    I love to shoot my son! He is just adorable and the camera loves him!

  • Lindsey Mitchell

    My favorite thing to shoot is my daughter-and people in general! 

  • Cherie Phillips

    I love to  take pictures of my kids!

  • Leigh

    My default my favorite thing to shoot is our 19 month old son. :) My second choice is anything outdoors, and especially the beach!

  • Lisatennyson

    Love your new site!  Love shooting portraits-people and dogs!

  • Jenna

    So excited that you’ll be offering photography and photshop classes! My favorite thing to shoot are portraits. I’d love to win this lens. Jenna

  • Allie

    I would like to treat my fancy camera like a friend and less like a smelly fungus that I keep locked up in my camera bag, in a drawer, in the entry hall. Right on guys!

  • http://www.mothersmementos.com/ Rachel {Mother’s Mementos}

    My favorite things to shoot are my children and food.  

  • Michele

    My favorite is photos of my family.

  • Ali_carney

    I love to shoot my nieces and nephews.

    Ali_carney at yahoo dot com

  • jaxcheryl

    My grandkids, landscapes and macros are my fav.

  • Kimberlykrueger65

    I love taking pictures of my grand kids. Spring time is my favorite time of year and with everything in bloom I can’t wait to get outside and shoot my second favorite….flowers and all things spring.

  • Hartman302

    I love taking pictures of people ~ esp. faces!!

  • Christina

    right now I do mostly interior design stuff for my blog, but I would love to branch out and do family portraits and outdoor shots :)

  • matt r

    I don’t know if my comment went through, but I love shooting candid portraits. when people are really being themselves. you capture so much more than a posed shot. and primes are great for this.

  • Kay

    I like shooting animals and beach scenes!

  • http://mojaneofalltrades.blogspot.com/ Maggie S.

    I am definitely a people person when it comes to taking photos.  I love doing portraits and have started doing more for friends and family.  I need to learn more about product shooting so I can better show off my Etsy items.  Would love to win this lens. I’m considering taking your seminar but it’s not in the budget at this time.  Hopefully soon.  Thanks for the opportunity to win.  Hope I do!

  • http://twitter.com/thehawshouse Alyssa Haws

    I would say that I like shooting people but that sounds bad.  I enjoy taking pictures of people because they are so unique and fascinating–

  • Trisha

    I love doing portraits and food photography.
    Trisha (trishaplatt@yahoo.com

  • Marie Villa

    I’d love to win!! My favorite thing to photograph are portraits.

  • Kk01387

    Awesome site! Purchased Photography 101 on Monday.  Easy to understand videos and very informative.  Thank you for all you hard work.  I’ve owned my DSLR camera for over a year and I’ve only used Auto.  I like to take photos of landscapes. I am truly amazed how much nicer a photo can be when you control the shutter speed.  I can not wait to continue with Photography 101, lots more to learn.  Thank you. :)

  • Jess O.

    My favorite things to shoot are trike motors (aka kids). Their expressions are so fun and real.

  • http://itwasbroughtonbylove.blogspot.com/ Southern Gal

    Portraits of my children and granddaughter are my favorite things to shoot right now.  Thanks for the chance!

  • Lmb1022

    I am starting a photoshop course tonight…I would love to have this lens for my Nikon !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715322959 Jennifer Dangar Cather

    FAvorite thing to shoot is kids playing outside!

  • Gina D

    My son is what I enjoy capturing most

  • Mugs

    My favorite thing to shoot is my kids.  I’d like to shoot better interiors though.  I’m struggling with that :-)

  • Meredith

    This is such a great idea guys. Good luck with everything! I’ve been spending my time photographing my new baby boy. Thanks for opening up with such a great giveaway. 

  • Sandylee6

    I love taking food pictures right now – such a new world!

  • Leah O

    pretty sure I just missed the deadline, BUT just found your site and am excited to follow along and learn some new things! I can’t get enough of my two kiddos, but would love to branch out and take more (and better) photos of other ‘stuff’. I’ve gotten pretty good at capturing quick-moving subjects, but not so good at the immobile things – crazy huh!

  • Amanda S

    My favorite thing to shoot is my family… love candid pictures of the people I love :)

  • Karen Schell

    I love to shoot landscapes and anything in nature!

  • Mel

    My favorite thing to shoot is my children being, well, themselves… no forced smiles, no unnatural poses, just capturing life as it happens!

  • http://www.nicolelitton.com/ Nicole Litton

    I really love shooting portraits.  I’m even taking my sister’s engagement pictures later this month!

  • Stephanie

    my grandbaby!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=781676158 Jennifer Humphreys Beales

    Kids, and my garden! I’ve been wanting a 50 mm lens, I love the bokeh effects.

  • Themissriss

    my favorite thing to shoot are people

  • Vera Smith

    OMG – I think I’m too late!  Darn it!  

  • Jess19pr

    I love shooting nature shots!  Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VGX76XGE4B37YXWHILAWPYG4E4 Tina Youngblood

    I love photographing my grandchildren playing on the beach. The light is perfect and there are no bad photos when you can capture children at play…

  • Gwenceotto

    I need to learn to shoot landscape, specially coastal and I would be SO happy to get a new lense. I signed up for photo 101 and can’t wait to find a minute to start today. Thanks for doing this for us!

  • Jcascioj

    Got a Canon Rebel-but just shooting not learning. Am planning to sign up for your class. Love to shoot landscapes and animals!

  • Shirley Prokop

    My husband and son are coaches, football, track and tennis.  Love shooting the kids in action and I get excited seeing them get excited seeing themselves on the blog.  I want all of them to feel important and valuable.

  • Geri

    Who won?!

  • Korie

    I adore taking pictures of Friends, and family. Get togethers, and pictures for my HS school paper. Seeing as to how i only have a kit lense this would be awesome!

  • Maris

    I like shoot unusual things seen only by me.