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    Intro To DSLR Photography

    Check out our Introduction to Photography Class for free! In this free class we talk about how your camera controls light through ISO, aperture & shutter speed. It's the perfect starting point to start your photography journey!


  • Photography Classes

    Our Photography 101 & 102 Classes are in depth classes that start with the beginner in mind and walk you through the process of ISO, aperture, shutter speed, portraits, interiors, flash photography and so much more!



  • Photo Editing Classes

    Our Photoshop CS5/6, Lightroom & Virtual Room Makeover Classes teach the basics and fundamentals of photo editing. They also cover everything from color correction to using filters and actions to make your images come to life! 



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  • Photography 101

    Starting with beginners in mind, we teach a three step process that will simplify ISO, aperture & shutter speed and how they all work together. You will be shooting in manual mode in less than two hours! We also cover portraits, interiors, landscapes, product shots and more!


  • Photography 102

    Photography 102 is for members who have completed Photography 101 and want to take their knowledge of photography to the next level. The first part of P-102 is designed to make you a smarter photographer. In part two we share our "A-ha!" moments! Everything from flash photography to editing.


  • Photography 101 & 102

    We now offer Photography 101 & 102 together as a bundle at a discounted price. This includes both full classes (21 videos almost 7 hours of traing) with a lifetime membership that never expires. This is by far our most popular deal! 



  • Photoshop CS5/CS6

    Our Photoshop class is designed for beginners and it includes all updates made to CS/6. (New Photoshop CC class coming soon!) This class covers everything from learning the tool bar, to working with filters and actions. Our Photoshop Touch-up class is included in this class for free!



  • Lightroom 5

    Our Lightroom class is also designed for beginners. (New Lightroom CC class coming soon!) We cover editing, navigation and exporting, as well as color correcting and file management. We're visual learners, and we've made it our mission to create a training class that is laid back and easy to understand.


  • Room Makeover

    Room Makeover class was designed and taught by home/lifestyle blogger, Layla Palmer from She teaches how she uses Photoshop to virtually redesign a room. You do not have to know how to use Photoshop to take this class. Layla starts with the beginner in mind.



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  • Kevin Palmer

    Co-Founder / Fine Arts - Interior Photographer
  • Josh Moates

    Co-Founder / Fine Arts - Wedding Photographer
  • Billy Pope

    Fine Arts - Editorial
  • Nick Drollette

    Fine Arts - Wedding Photographer

“ I LOVED the southern drawl and the "realness" of the guys talking to me and explaining how to use my new camera and what kind of effects I can get out of my lens. This is a very visual and hands on set of videos...every single one of the videos is full of detailed information that covers the basics of how to use your camera. I had never used a DSLR camera before, so this was perfect for me! I highly suggest Photography 101!”


What Our Members Are Saying About Us

  • “ Seriously, I had a life changing event occur last week. I finished the ShootFlyShoot Photography 101 classes and wow oh wow did I learn a lot.  I actually LEARNED how to use my DSLR camera that I’ve been using a few years now. I love the way they describe what they are doing in GREAT detail.  I’ve read many photography tutorials on the internet before, but it wasn’t until I took their class until I FULLY understood Aperture, ISO, Metering, Exposure, etc. I’m telling you, it just clicked in my noggin ”



  • “ I really do love this course and these videos… I especially love how all the videos coach you through the process of getting to know what you need to know about aperture, ISO and shutter speed, and I guarantee you’ll finally learn how to use your DSLR camera in manual mode which will lead to a lifetime of better photography.”




  • “I was still in a sort of fog when it came to my camera and the settings. I was shooting on Auto but I knew I needed to stop.  The fog began to lift when I took the Shoot Fly Shoot Photography class for beginners. I've lost count how many times I've watched the videos, but everytime I do I learn something new. ”




  • “ Did a senior shoot yesterday. Third one done in manual mode. Ya'll started me shooting in manual, and I haven't stopped since. Thanks for helping this 14 year old photographer in progress! ”



  • “ This class is the JAM! I've taken photography classes before and they pale in comparison to what you will get out of this. Josh Moates and Kevin Palmer know what they are doing. They make it so easy to learn! ”


    Photographer -

  • “ Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.” Well... you two understand photography completely, because you've made it soooo easy to understand!! Good job!




Your Lifetime Membership Never Expires!

  • P-101

    Photography 101


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  • P-101 & 102

    Photography 101 & 102


    Lifetime access to Photography 101 & 102

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    20 page Quick Reference Guide

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  • P-102

    Photography 102


    Lifetime access to Photography 102

    Full access to the Shoot Fly Shoot private Facebook group

    40 Adobe Camera Raw presets

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