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Macro Photography on a Budget

I remember when I first started getting into photography, all I wanted to do was shoot macro because it just looked so cool! But macro lenses can be really expensive, and since most of my shoots are weddings and portraits, I just couldn't justify buying a $1000 macro lens that I might only use for a couple of shots. Luckily, I found these close-up filters on Amazon.com: They're basically just magnifying glasses that screw in onto the filter ring that's on the front of your lens, and they're really inexpensive and easy to use.  Here's a couple of shots that I used the +4 filter on: It really allows you to get a lot closer than a normal lens would. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you get the correct size filter for the particular lens you'd like to use. For instance, the 24-70 2.8 L Canon lens has a 77mm filter ring, so I would need a 77mm close-up filter. Most lenses have the size of the lens displayed somewhere around the opening of the lens, like this: Another thing you should look out for is what magnification you need/want. I bought the whole set [...]

By | May 7th, 2013|Cool Camera Stuff|20 Comments

Artifact Uprising | Photo Books

I wanted to share a cool photography related product with you today. Artifact Uprising is a really awesome photo book company.  With the use of 100% recycled paper, they offer hardcover, softcover and Instagram friendly books. They come in so many rad colors and they have a lot of different book covers to choose from. I recently made a book for my wife of our son. The website has super easy templates to use if you aren't so photoshop savvy.  If you are, you can totally make this book as custom as you want. A 50 page 8.5 x 8.5  linen book with a custom book cover is about 70$, that is about $1.25 per page.   There is something very special about having a print or book in hand of your work. In the digital world we live in, most of our amazing work stays in digital format and hardly ever gets printed. I want to encourage you to make prints and books of your family so you can actually have something to pass down to your children other than a hard drive full of digital images. I know my wife and I will cherish this book of our little [...]

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DSLR Camera Bag

We love sharing links to cool camera-related stuff, so I thought I'd blog about a gift I gave my wife for Christmas last week. She had been wanting a new camera bag, so I Googled  "cool camera bags for women".  Unfortunately, nothing that cool really came up, and I was sort of surprised at how many camera bags are geared toward men. Most of the bags I came across were black, which is cool with me, but I knew my wife wanted something a little more feminine, and that looked more like a purse. I went to ETSY.com, where you can find all sorts of handmade goodness, and after some searching, I stumbled upon a chevron-patterned bag that looked just like what I thought my wife would want. But wouldn't you know it, that particular bag was sold out. (Of course it was - it's killer!) I really, really wanted to get her that bag though, so I took a chance and contacted the seller (Darby Mack) who was AWESOME! She wrote me back and said that she would make my wife a bag in time for Christmas.  I was blown away because I had written her on December 18th, [...]

By | January 3rd, 2013|Cool Camera Stuff|19 Comments
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