Handheld vs. Tripod

A couple of weeks ago Layla and I stopped by a house in Montgomery to shoot some quick pics and chat with the owner about his wonderful home. We only had about one hour to tour his house, so I had to shoot as quickly as possible. In a perfect world, I would set up a tripod and use a low number ISO. This allows me to make the image brighter by slowing down my shutter speed. But since I was hand holding my camera, I had to use a much higher ISO number to make the images brighter. The main point I wanted to drive home today is that using a higher ISO number is completely okay. For example, I knew the pics I shot that day would only be used online, and wouldn't be shown any larger than 600 pixels wide. When the images are that small, you can't really see the graininess that a high ISO causes. Here's a closer look... Even at 600 pixels wide the image below still looks nice on the internet. You can start to see the graininess a little on the back walls, but it doesn't ruin the shot by any means. [...]

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Photography 101 Giveaway

***THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED*** My wife, Layla, and I had the pleasure of photographing a beach house for Flea Market Style magazine last Fall. As with all of our interior shoots, I'm in charge of snapping the pics, and she's in charge of styling them. The house we shot for this particular issue was located on Tybee Island, Georgia, which is about 7 hours away from where we live, so, we decided to take a "better safe than sorry" approach, and shot a couple different set-ups in each room. That way, our editors had a few different looks to choose from, and we didn't run the risk of not capturing something they could use before we headed back home to Alabama. It's always a fun surprise to see which photos they choose to publish when the magazine comes out! For instance, we shot the fireplace below with two different pieces of art above the mantel... The painting in photo #1 is propped against the mantel, and we left some white space to the left of it, in case the folks at the magazine wanted to insert some text or graphics there. The painting in photo #2 is hanging on the [...]

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Old House Elements

Josh and I are still hard at work putting together our Photoshop Elements class, (we're looking forward to launching it in April!) and we've got a few fun posts lined up for our blog this week, too. Today, I'm guest blogging over at Inspired By Charm... It's a post all about old house elements...some of my favorite things to photograph!

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