VIDEO: Snapshot – The Art of Black and White Photography

In this video Snapshot Josh walks us through his process of making a color image black and white in Lightroom.   Learn how to make subtle adjustments to an image to make the  blacks really pop! Have questions or comments about black and white photography? Join the conversation below! :)

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Artifact Uprising | Photo Books

I wanted to share a cool photography related product with you today. Artifact Uprising is a really awesome photo book company.  With the use of 100% recycled paper, they offer hardcover, softcover and Instagram friendly books. They come in so many rad colors and they have a lot of different book covers to choose from. I recently made a book for my wife of our son. The website has super easy templates to use if you aren't so photoshop savvy.  If you are, you can totally make this book as custom as you want. A 50 page 8.5 x 8.5  linen book with a custom book cover is about 70$, that is about $1.25 per page.   There is something very special about having a print or book in hand of your work. In the digital world we live in, most of our amazing work stays in digital format and hardly ever gets printed. I want to encourage you to make prints and books of your family so you can actually have something to pass down to your children other than a hard drive full of digital images. I know my wife and I will cherish this book of our little [...]

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Photoshop Touch Up and Photography 102

Hello! We launched two more classes this past month, so we wanted to publish a post about each of them here today. The first new class is called Photoshop Touch Up, and it's all about re-touching photos of people in Photoshop. We worked as re-touchers for several years before we started our own photography businesses, and we've included all of our techniques in the Touch Up class. You can see some examples of the techniques we'll cover by moving your cursor on and off of the photos below. Everything from how to soften skin, remove blemishes, and add vignette effects... how to reduce redness in eyes without making them look too white... how to tame down fly away hairs, add sparkle to eyes, and whiten teeth... body reshaping: Our favorite kind of exercise- ha! If you're interested in checking out the class, just click on Photoshop Touch Up in the Classes tab in our menu bar. The cost is $25 and the class is an hour and 40 minutes long. And just like all of our other Photography and Photoshop classes, our Photoshop Touch Up class video is hosted on Vimeo, so once you purchase it, you can watch it [...]

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The Beauty of Bokeh

When I was first learning how to shoot photography I was always drawn to the beautiful images with blurry backgrounds. The point of interest would literally pop off the page when the background was slightly out of focus. This blur is referred to as Bokeh (pronounced bo-ka), and it quickly became my mission to learn how this was done! (Photo credits left: Shoot Fly Shoot and right: Heather Bullard) A lightbulb moment for me was when I learned that creating this effect was all about depth of field, and this was accomplished with the lens. So what is depth of field? In a nutshell, it refers to how much of the image is in focus. • Shallow depth of field = A small portion of the image is in focus leaving everything behind, and in front of, the point of interest blurry. • Deep depth of field = A large portion of the image is in focus. Meaning, more of the image is sharp and not blurry. Shallow depth of field   (Photo credit Maria Carr) Here's another look at depth of field from a different perspective: Notice how in the top example only the flower being focused on is sharp. This is a [...]

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Better Composition – Rule Of Thirds

Composition in photography is about framing up an image to make for a more interesting and eye-catching photo. There are a few different rules that can help with composition, but like I told everyone when I was in high school, "Rules were meant to be broken!" Ha! :)  Seriously though, you know better than anyone what you want, so always trust your gut! One of the most popular rules of composition is the 'rule of thirds'. The rule of thirds states that if an image is divided into nine equal parts, the compositional elements that run along the lines or at the intersections are more pleasing to the eye. It's more of a rule of thumb than a set-in-stone, absolutely-unbreakable rule. But looking back through some of my "beauty shots", it is interesting to see how many "keepers" I chose that follow this rule! Here are a few that we used in our Photography 101 class, and from our talk at the Haven Conference. This also works for portraits and horizontal shots like the images below. Another cool thing about the rule of thirds is that if you don't shoot it that way, you can always crop your photo that way with [...]

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Killer Camera Deals

Josh and I had an absolute blast speaking at Haven Conference 2012 this past week. We spent hours meeting new friends and talking photography, and the whole trip was just awesome! During the Q&A part of our session we answered a lot of questions about camera equipment and pricing, so I thought I would do a blog post about a killer online camera store that we mentioned during our talk. The store is called and you can find some serious deals there. KEH professionals travel all over the country and buy unsold cameras and lenses from camera stores, to resell at a discounted rate. All of the cameras and lenses are inspected by their professionals and given a rating. Even their "bargain" cameras are in great shape. The customer service is awesome, and you can return anything within 14 days- no questions asked. Below is an Instagram pic I took of the Canon 17-40 lens I purchased from It's in excellent (like new!) condition, and saved over a $100 on it...   I always check before buying any new camera equipment. We aren't sponsored by KEH, we just love the company and wanted to share this little nugget [...]

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