I’m always on the lookout for cool camera-related gadgets and this pencil sharpener is one of my recent favs…

It’s available at MyFunkyCamera.com for $14.

Now if I could just make up my mind between these iPhone covers…

(cover 1, cover 2, cover 3)

Any votes?

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  • TheMrsatSuccessAlongtheWeigh

    My heart is with #3 since I bought 2 of them to use as bookends in the studio!  🙂

  • I like #2 🙂

  • I think all of them are really neat, but my vote goes with #2.  I think it is because of the texture…looks very vintage. (And I have been eyeing that pencil sharpener for awhile myself….would look great in my study.)

  • TamiK

    I would take number 1 

  • Anne L.

    Love the first one!

  • oooh maybe camera cover 2…wow they’re all awesome!!

  • Carole

    I’ve seen that pencil sharpener before. Didn’t buy it, wish I had. Guess I might now. lol

    If I had an iPhone I’d definitely get the Agfa (#3). They’re all cool, but that would be my vote. 🙂

  • savannah banton

    number 2 all the way!!!!!!