Josh and I are still hard at work putting together our Photoshop Elements class, (we’re looking forward to launching it in April!) and we’ve got a few fun posts lined up for our blog this week, too. Today, I’m guest blogging over at Inspired By Charm

It’s a post all about old house elements…some of my favorite things to photograph!

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  • Looking forward to it! 

    • shootflyshoot

      Thanks Jessica!

  • Sona

    Kevin or Josh, I had a question about monitors.  In preparation for editing pics, I have heard that monitors have to be calibrated for the colors to come out right, that is the colors match between what I see on my monitor and what comes back from the printer.  Could you speak to that at all?  Enjoying your sight and first class.

    • Shootflyshoot

      Hi Sona!

      Thanks for the comment! 

      That is one of the topics we plan to cover in an upcoming blog post. So glad you’re enjoying P-101! 🙂

      • Sona

        Also our monitor died and hubby wants to go get another today.  Is there something specific he should get?  IPS necessary verses TN? 

        • Josh

          IPS all day, Depends on the budget, but Eizo makes an incredible display.

  • Katina

    I would say dito to all the items on your top photos to snap in an old/vintage home list. I would only add outbuildings to the list. You know, the old red barn, or the pump house/ garden shed.  Love those little out buildings!  Thanks for all your inspiration and your photography 101.  I’m loving all of it so far….. 
    Can’t wait for more to come:)