Photography 102 is a training class designed for beginners who have completed Photography 101. It’s for people who want to take their knowledge of shooting in manual mode to the next level. Photography 102 is taught through 10 videos, specifically created for visual learners. Like Photography 101, the classes are laid back, and very easy to understand. All of our videos are shot in high definition, and the overall goal is to teach you our secrets to creating great photos.

Here are the training videos included in the Photography 102 training class:

- Overview

- Raw vs. Jpeg

- Chip Sizes and Lenses

- Understanding Light

- Histogram

- Getting Artsy

- Portraits

- Flash Photography

- Post Processing

- Presets

We believe, the more you know the more you grow- so we split up Photography 102 into two sections. The first half is meant to make you a smarter photographer by introducing new concepts and get you thinking. The second half is where we share our “aha!” moments.  All the things that really took our photography to a new level. Everything from how to use flash and make it look natural, to how to deal with blown out windows in interior shots, to adjusting your images in post (not Photoshop)-which, after learning how to shoot in manual, was the biggest aha moment for us by far.


We’ve also created 40 Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) presets that are included with Photography 102. These are one-click adjustments to make it even easier to enhance your photos.


Click HERE to check out some of the presets!

Original Image

Faded Black and White Preset

Hello Pretty Preset

Fun Winter Preset

Fun Vintage Preset

Film Winter 1974

The price of Photography 102 is $67 and the entire training class is almost 4 hours in length

(Note: You can also purchase Photography 101 and 102 together for a discounted price of  $97  HERE.)  

Photography 102 is made up of 10 separate videos- all shot by us, on a DSLR camera, but don’t feel like you have to watch the classes all at once. Take your time, and enjoy the process because once you purchase Photography 102, you’ll have access to the videos and any Photography 102-related updates we add to our site, forever! 

Still undecided? You can check out some Shoot Fly Shoot customer testimonials HERE, and to make sure that you can view the videos, you can check out the Welcome video by clicking HERE.


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