Photography 102

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“You don't take a photograph, you make it ” - Ansel Adams

Making Photography!

We believe, the more you know the more you grow- so we split up Photography 102 into two sections. The first half is meant to make you a smarter photographer by introducing new concepts and get you thinking. The second half is where we share our “aha!” moments.  All the things that really took our photography to a new level. Everything from how to use flash and make it look natural, to how to deal with blown out windows in interior shots, to adjusting your images in post (not Photoshop)-which, after learning how to shoot in manual, was the biggest aha moment for us by far.

Photography 102 is made up of 10 seperate videos and is almost 3 hours in length. You have immediate access to the class and can view anytime you like for as long as you want, your lifetime membership will never expire!

What's in the class

Photography 102

  • RAW vs. Jpg

    We start by comparing shooting in RAW vs. shooting in Jpg. We go over the differences between the two modes and the pros and cons of each!

  • Chip Sizes & Lenses

    Next we learn about chip sizes and the importance of understanding differences in chip sizes. We also go into how chip sizes affect the focal length of your lens and how to compensate.

  • Understanding Light / Histogram

    Understanding light and how to read your histogram play a huge role in the develpoment of every photographer. In this section we simplify these two important elements of photography.

  • Getting Artsy / Portraits

    This is where things start to get really fun! In this lesson we go out into the field again and follow Josh as he talks us through how he shoots portraits in different situations. He even breaks out the reflector!

  • Flash Photography

    Flash photography can be tricky and intimidating to someone just starting out. In this section we go inside and watch as Josh teaches us how to use a flash to get the most realistic and natural look possible!

  • Post Processing

    This section is powerful! We spend a lot of time covering the ins and outs of post processing. This was a huge "A-ha!" moment for us and this section has the power to take your images to the next level!

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“I've had my Nikon D50 for quiet a few years and have NEVER opened the manual, let alone take an online class on how to use the darn camera. Decided to bite the bullet and sign-up for your class...ohmygosh am I glad I did! Spent all afternoon outside practicing what I was taught and was so excited! You guys do such an awesome job of explaing every aspect in such detail.  Everyone should sign-up for this class and see the immediate results of brilliant photos.  Highly, highly recommend! Thanks so much for offering your photo expertise to those of us who are, er, were camera illiterate!”

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  • “ Ok, I've spent most of the day staring at my computer and I am in LOVE with this course, I've learned so much! Thank you!  ”



    Amy J. Bennett

  • “ Thank you Shoot Fly Shoot for the great online class, you couldn't have explained things more simply! ”



    Donna L. Hale
    Southern Portraiture Photography

  • “ I love, love, love your tutorial for shooting in manual! My blog photography (interiors) is getting so much better now that I've made the leap to the dreaded "M"...thanks for the great, easy to understand tips! ”


    Sara Bates
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