Photography Classes

Photography 101

Starting with beginners in mind, we teach a three step process that will simplify ISO, aperture & shutter speed and how they all work together. You will be shooting in manual mode in less than two hours! We also cover portraits, interiors, landscapes, product shots and more!

Photography 102

Photography 102 is for members who have completed Photography 101 and want to take their knowledge of photography to the next level. The first part of Photography 102 is designed to make you a smarter photographer. In part two we share our “A-ha!” moments! Everything from flash photography to editing.

Photo 101/102 Combo

We now offer Photography 101 & 102 together as a bundle at a discounted price. This includes both full classes (21 videos almost 7 hours of traing) with a lifetime membership that never expires. This is by far our most popular deal!

Editing Classes

Room Makeover

Room Makeover class was designed and taught by home/lifestyle blogger, Layla Palmer from She teaches how she uses Photoshop to virtually redesign a room. You do not have to know how to use Photoshop to take this class. Layla starts with the beginner in mind.

Light & Airy Presets

With photo editing software such as Adobe Lightoom and Photoshop, things can be overwhelming and may be difficult getting the results you want, that is why we created the Light and Airy presets! If you are tired of clicking 40 different sliders and adjustments in Lightroom, then these presets are for you!

Basic Workflow Presets

This set of 50 highly useful and functional Lightroom presets is a wonderful place to start turning your digital photos into proud works of art.  These presets are designed to be layers so you can create the perfect clean and fresh look you’re going for.  With everything from Sarah Maren’s very own Black and White preset to color punches and matte light, these 50 presets are sure to help you make your photos even better!