Room Makeover Class

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Virtual Room Design using Photoshop!

Virtual Room Design!

Our Room Makeover class is for anyone who wants to learn how to use Photoshop to get a clear vision of what a room could look like. It will equip you with the ability to create an inspiration photo on top of any room photograph so that you can play with paint colors, furniture, and art and accessories before you start physically re-doing a room. We’ll explain everything from how to approach your virtual room makeover, to how things are laid out in Photoshop, to what tools we’ll be using and how to use them. We divided each step of the room makeover process into separate sections so that it’s very easy to go back and review any section quickly, and we repeat our instructions several times in every video so that you can really SEE exactly how to use the tools in Photoshop to transform a photo of a room.


Our Virtyal Room Makeover Class is made up of 20 seperate videos and is over 3 hours in length. You have immediate access to the class and can view anytime you like for as long as you want, your lifetime membership will never expire!

What's in the class

Room Makeover

  • Preparing

    Layla strts by literally teaching you Photoshop in a simple and easy to understand way. You will learn: Angles and Perspective - Tools & Adjustments Overview -  Navigation -  Selection Tools -  Paint Tools -  Adjusting Color & Moving Objects.


  • Creating A Backdrop

    Layla walks us through her design process just as if we were in the room with her. In this section she starts transforming the existing room by creating a backdrop of new floors, walls and ceiling. You can follow every step along the way!

  • Furnishings

    In the Furnishings section Layla brings in the "Focal Wall" and then starts adding in layers. She teaches you how to bring in a rug, windows, sofa & a TV unit. By the time this section is over you won't recognize the space!

  • Accesories

    Accessories are where a room comes to life and the possiblities are endless when designing a virtual room. Layla shows her process for adding in accessories and also teaches all her tips and tricks for matching colors and textures.

  • Problem Areas

    As we near the end of the virtual room makeover Layla takes a loo at any problem areas and shows a few different ways to accomplish the same things so you have options when working on a design.

  • Finishing Up

    In the last section Layla talks about some of her tips and tricks and finishes with some previous room designes and tells us her thought process and her final thoughts.

Class Teachers

  • Kevin Palmer

    Co-founder -
  • Layla Palmer

“These days it seems every interior designer is a full-blown pro at using Photoshop to help their clients visualize ideas, and it was evident my sorry Photoshop skills weren't cutting it. I am happy to say those days are over! Through Layla and Kevin's simple and easy to follow instruction, I was able to whiz through the entire class in a matter of days! Investing in their class is one of the best decisions I've made. They nailed down so many neat little tricks, and break down the learning process to such an easy to follow pace. I'm really glad I did it!”

Jennifer Grey
TheOld Painted

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  • Room Makeover

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