Composition in photography is about framing up an image to make for a more interesting and eye-catching photo. There are a few different rules that can help with composition, but like I told everyone when I was in high school, “Rules were meant to be broken!” Ha! 🙂  Seriously though, you know better than anyone what you want, so always trust your gut!

One of the most popular rules of composition is the ‘rule of thirds’. The rule of thirds states that if an image is divided into nine equal parts, the compositional elements that run along the lines or at the intersections are more pleasing to the eye.

It’s more of a rule of thumb than a set-in-stone, absolutely-unbreakable rule. But looking back through some of my “beauty shots”, it is interesting to see how many “keepers” I chose that follow this rule! Here are a few that we used in our Photography 101 class, and from our talk at the Haven Conference.

This also works for portraits and horizontal shots like the images below.

Another cool thing about the rule of thirds is that if you don’t shoot it that way, you can always crop your photo that way with a photo editing program. A lot of photo editing software actually includes the rule of thirds lines when using the crop tool. Either way, the more you shoot- the more natural creating interesting composition will become. Practice is always the key!

What about you? Do you use the rule of thirds when you shoot?


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