Video Lessons Designed For The Visual Learner.

Photography 101

Take full control of your camera by learning how to shoot in manual mode and the basics of Portrait & Interior Photography.

Photography 102

Continue the journey by learning more technical aspects of photography including White Balance, Flash Photography and Portraits 2.0.

The Secrets Of Photography Workshop


Full Access To 7 Full Courses! 

  • Photography 101
  • Photography 102
  • Capturing The Moment
  • Lightroom
  • Workflow & Organization
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Sales & Delivery
  • Plus Bonus – Lightroom Presets

The Secrets Of Photography Workshop

Photography 101

Full Course!

Photography 102

Full Course!

Capturing The Moment

Full Course!


Full Course!

Workflow & Organization

Full Course!

Marketing & Branding

Full Course!

Sales & Delivery

Full Course!

Bonus: Lightroom Presets

Free Bonus! 

Full Access To Seven Full Courses

When you join our Secrets Of Photography Workshop, you receive full access to seven full photography courses designed to take you from complete beginner all the way to a working photographer. You get immediate and lifetime access to the courses so you can start learning right away!

Access Your Courses On Any Device!

Watch your courses from anywhere on any device! All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go!


What Our Members Are Saying!

“I just finished the Photography 101 course last week and I’ve been shooting in manual ever since…and with confidence! THANK YOU!! Your course was excellent! It’s like bells and whistles were going off all over the place and I was having one “A-Ha” moment after another!”

Kendra Goff

Member - Shoot Fly Shoot

“Ok, I’ve spent most of the day staring at my computer and I’m in LOVE with this course. I’ve learned so much. Can’t wait to finish up and put it into practice. THANK YOU!

Amy Benett

Founder, Abiding Ministries, Divi Corner

“This course CHANGED my life when it comes to photography. I still go back and reference it often. So grateful for a course that is very clear-cut and not intimidating at all. Literally changed my photography skills!”

Trinity Holmes

Founder, Circa34.com

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