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* New* The Secrets Of Photography Workshop

In this workshop, you will get a step by step guide that teaches you exactly how SFS founder, Josh Moates, went from earning $0 to over six figures a year as a photographer! We cover everything from taking control of your camera, to how to capture those special moments, how to market and brand yourself, and the power of sales. Learn the one secret that tripled Josh’s income the first month he used it. If you have ever thought of earning a living as a photographer, this workshop will give you the tools and the confidence to make it happen!

Photography Classes

Our Photography 101 & 102 Classes are in depth classes that start with the beginner in mind and walk you through the process of ISO, aperture, shutter speed, portraits, interiors, flash photography and so much more!

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Photography 101

Photography 101

Starting with beginners in mind, we teach a three step process that will simplify ISO, aperture & shutter speed and how they all work together. You will be shooting in manual mode in less than two hours! We also cover portraits, interiors, landscapes, product shots and more! LEARN MORE

Photography 102

Photography 102

Photography 102 is for members who have completed Photography 101 and want to take their knowledge of photography to the next level. The first part of P-102 is designed to make you a smarter photographer. In part two we share our “A-ha!” moments! Everything from flash photography to editing. LEARN MORE

Photography 101 & 102 Combo

Photography 101-102 Combo

We now offer Photography 101 & 102 together as a bundle at a discounted price. This includes both full classes (21 videos almost 7 hours of training) with a lifetime membership that never expires. This is by far our most popular deal! LEARN MORE

What Our Members Are Saying About Us

“ Seriously, I had a life changing event occur last week. I finished the ShootFlyShoot Photography 101 classes and wow oh wow did I learn a lot. I actually LEARNED how to use my DSLR camera that I’ve been using a few years now. I love the way they describe what they are doing in GREAT detail. I’ve read many photography tutorials on the internet before, but it wasn’t until I took their class until I FULLY understood Aperture, ISO, Metering, Exposure, etc. I’m telling you, it just clicked in my noggin ”
“I really do love this course and these videos… I especially love how all the videos coach you through the process of getting to know what you need to know about aperture, ISO and shutter speed, and I guarantee you’ll finally learn how to use your DSLR camera in manual mode which will lead to a lifetime of better photography.”
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“Did a senior shoot yesterday. Third one done in manual mode. Ya’ll started me shooting in manual, and I haven’t stopped since. Thanks for helping this 14 year old photographer in progress!”

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