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I remember when I first started getting into photography, all I wanted to do was shoot macro because it just looked so cool! But macro lenses can be really expensive, and since most of my shoots are weddings and portraits, I just couldn’t justify buying a $1000 macro lens that I might only use for a couple of shots. Luckily, I found these close-up filtersΒ on

They’re basically just magnifying glasses that screw in onto the filter ring that’s on the front of your lens, and they’re really inexpensive and easy to use. Β Here’s a couple of shots that I used the +4 filter on:

It really allows you to get a lot closer than a normal lens would. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you get the correct size filter for the particular lens you’d like to use. For instance, the 24-70 2.8 L Canon lens has a 77mm filter ring, so I would need a 77mm close-up filter. Most lenses have the size of the lens displayed somewhere around the opening of the lens, like this:

Another thing you should look out for is what magnification you need/want. I bought the whole set which has the +1,+2,+4,+10 filters. I have found the +4 is all I need. Oh and one more thing- when you’re shooting macro shots, the closer you get, the more shallow your depth of field is. So if you try to shoot at f2.8, your depth of field will probably be way too shallow. I suggest starting at f4 and experimenting from there.

If you decide to get into macro photography on a serious level, you may want a 1:1 macro lens like the Canon 100 2.8 macro. This lens can get 1:1. Meaning, it zooms so close, a grain of rice will fill the frame of your photograph!

If you’ve ever wanted to shoot really close-up shots but haven’t wanted to spend the money on an expensive close-up lens, these filters may be just what you’re looking for. Happy shooting!

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